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Tree Planting and Tree Removal Services in Montville, CT


Beautifully maintained and cared-for trees on your property can add a great deal to the overall aesthetic appeal of you home. Whether to provide shade, privacy, or to maintain a rustic appearance, the trees surrounding your residence left unchecked could cause some serious problems including structural damage, fire hazards, and personal safety. We here at Dunn’s Tree Services can help you trim, prune, plant and even remove a troublesome stump from your land, leaving things safe, healthy and exactly how you envision your homes foliage. Servicing the areas of East Lyme, Montville and Norwich, CT, we’ve been offering quality tree services, stump removal/grinding, tree planting and much more for nearly 60 years. We'll even provide you with firewood!



Promote the Health of Your Trees with a Tree-Pruning Service


Regular tree trimming will benefit the overall health of your trees by removing the weak, dead, diseased, or insect-infected tree limbs before they begin to rot, thus prolonging the life of your trees.  The removal of excess limbs may also increase fruit, flower and leaf production as well. With our experts trained eyes, we can help bring out the true beauty of your plants.



Protect Your Property and Home with a Reputable Tree-Cutting Service


Personal safety is always a concern as well, particularly in areas of recreation where there are nearby potentially-falling limb; tree branches that are hanging over your home can cause significant damage if dislodged by high winds, storms or many other factors. Untrimmed trees can also grow into power lines which create a risk of damage to the lines, fire hazards and power loss. Dunn's tree care service will survey and remove potentially-harmful risks to your property while maintaining the beauty each tree adds to your property.


Interested in learning more about the tree services that we offer to residents in the Norwich, East Lyme, and Montville, CT areas? Call us today at (860) 848-0713 to schedule your FREE consultation today!